Monday, February 25, 2013

Mission Accomplished!

Family and Friends,

Here is the picture of Andres and Cesar's baptism from a few weeks ago :) These two kids are great! Cesar is seriously one of the happiest people I've met in my whole life. He always has a smile on his face and always makes us laugh. He's way humble and a joy to be around :) Here in Portoviejo, my companion and I are very happy with our accomplishments as a zone :) We had a monthly goal of 27 baptisms and we had 32 baptisms :) We worked way hard and the Lord really blessed us :) I'd say that some of the keys to our success were working in unity with our district leaders, communicating well with everyone, having lots of splits (or interchanges I can't remember the word in English haha) to teach the missionaries how to work better and help inspire confidence in them, and more than anything we loved our missionaries and loved the people :) We made sure that we always called them after they had a baptism to congratulate them or sent out text messages to everyone in the zone to motivate them :) Lots of little things that make a big difference Alma 37:6-7 lots of things that I was blessed to learn from Elder Linares and Elder Vielma. I get to see those guys tomorrow :) President Amaya was so pleased with the work we've been doing here that he and his wife are going to drive all the way out to Portoviejo (4 hour trip) to have a big dinner with us at a nice restaurant as a reward for our hard work :) I'm way excited it'll be a good time and I'll send pictures of it next week! I love you all lots and hope that you work hard in whatever you're doing to feel good and be happy. There's nothing like working hard towards a noble goal and then accomplishing it and celebrating woohooo!

Elder Remington