Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thanks for Your Examples

Dear family and friends,

Elder Remington didn't send a general letter this week, but he shared this short message of thanks and gratitude to a friend:
Tell Elder Ingold thanks again for sending me a letter wayback in the MTC and that I'm sorry I haven't written him back, but thathe really had a big impact on me. Especially now as a zone leader Ioften try to think of what Elder Ingold might've done and I rememberhis great example of happiness, excitement, and sincerity in the work.Also I remember how clean the house was when he lived there haha andtry to follow his example! I look forward to hanging out with himafter the mission he's a great guy! 
This reminded me of the the many people in his life, like many of you, who have been great examples to Jacoby. You never know who exactly you might be impressing with your words, actions, and examples. And thanks to you, his friends and family, he has become the young man he is today.  

Thank you for all you've done for Jacoby, we really appreciate it.

Darlyn & Ben