Monday, December 9, 2013

Good Times

Family and Friends,

Two weeks ago a wonderful sister named Elina was baptized by one of her friends that had shared the gospel with her. Elina is best friends with his mom and it was his first baptism so it was very special and when she shared her testimony you could really feel her sincerity, happiness, and joy in the decision she had made and she felt God's presence as she entered the water. She had been taught by several missionaries and never went to church but now was her time and she went to church loved it and was baptized in 3 weeks.

President Amaya taught us several important lessons these past few weeks and the biggest three that come to mind are the following. First, he explained that there Turkish salesman always are very successful because they have the practice of not eating breakfast until they make their first sale of the day. This motivates them to work hard and sale and this discipline makes them successful. Elder Magill and I decided to apply it to missionary work in that we must earn the right to eat and relax when we get home by first finishing daily planning and updating the area book BEFORE we eat, drink, or even go to the bathroom (little extreme but it sure works for motivating you if you gotta go haha). This has really worked well for us and several other missionaries that we've shared this principle with too. Second, while analyzing D&C 4 he said that if we really want to serve God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength as God requires of us there is no room for a boyfriend or girlfriend. He emphasized that God is very demanding of his servants and that he wants 100% of our hearts and minds, thus if we want to be truly successful we must leave everything behind and not give half of ourselves to God and the other half to our boyfriend or girlfriend. This made me very grateful for choices that I made before the mission and sad for some of the Elders in our mission who didn't make such choices and now I see them suffering the consequences. For all those current or future missionaries reading this who currently have a boyfriend or girlfriend, I strongly and lovingly invite you to break it off completely and concentrate on your mission and serving the Lord. I know that President Amaya is inspired in what he teaches and I've seen with my own eyes how important it really is to dedicate ourselves 100% to the Lord. Just do it. Do it now. Third, he cited Elder Hales and taught that ¨darkness cannot overcome light unless the light is diminished or departs.¨ Be a light. Fill your life with goodness, happiness, and productive activities. Become so involved and busy with scriptures, service, prayer, lesson plans, thinking of how to help others that you won't even have time nor desires to do evil (Mosiah 5:2). That is the biggest key to overcoming weaknesses and becoming better. 

This week has been wonderful and reminded me that life really is what you make of it! Have a good attitude and you will produce good results!


Elder Remington