Saturday, December 14, 2013

Attitude is EVERYTHING

Family and Friends,

Last week in our leadership conference Elder Magill and I gave a great training seminar on the three teaching skills that Elder Mestre taught in the mission tour (use scriptures, ask questions, and listen). We taught the principles that I shared 2 weeks ago in my letter reviewing what Elder Mestre taugth and putting emphasis on certain specific weaknesses that we've seen in the teaching skills of many missionaries from companion exchanges and district meeting practices. Elder Magill and I then did a practice in front of everyone showing how to use these principles we had just taught and it went really well. I felt the Spirit very strong as we were training and as we were teaching in the practice. At the end a lot of people really had their eyes opened and you could tell that it's really going to help them. That's a great feeling. Elder Magill and I are really working well together and getting to be pros at trainings, transfers, reports, interviews, etc, etc, etc, there's still a ton of stuff we need to learn and we make mistakes everyday but we've really gotten a lot better and we've both changed quite a bit. Most notably Elder Magill has taught me how to avoid contention and be a peacemaker. I know that through the things we've taught each other and learned together we will both be better in the future as husbands, fathers, and leaders in the church. It truly is a blessing to work side by side with Elder Magill. 

For the past month we have been visiting various zones with President Amaya about 2 times each week and while he is doing interviews with them we are with another companionship reviewing their area book and daily planner. We chat with them, listen, ask them what are the strong points of their area and what are the weak points, how they are doing in working with the members in the work of Salvation, listen with love, and then share ideas, scriptures, teach doctrine and principles from PMG and the mission manual to help them improve. We give them specific feedback on what they are doing well with their area book and daily planner and give them specific ideas and commitments in how they need to improve. Most of all we motivate them and get them fired up about missionary work. It truly is a wonderful experience and for me it is one of the best parts of this assignment. Truly it is a great blessing to be with them and serve them and love them. The greatest of all is when three months later (or sometimes sooner or much later) they tell you how they've been doing what you said and how much its helped them or you see their daily planner again and see that they've improved a ton and are having way more success because of it and they sincerely thank you. There is nothing like losing yourself in the service of your fellow being and seeing the fruits. The craziest thing is that there are uncounted fruits that we never see but are very real. 

In these revisions of area book sessions, in the leadership conference, in companionship exchanges, and in many places I've seen and heard time and time again that attitude is everything and the quality of your attitude (great, good, average, or bad) will affect the quality of your results (great, good, average, or bad) it truly is that simple! 

I am out of time but next week I will go into detail of attitude.

Love you all be happy,

Elder Remington