Monday, November 26, 2012

Lessons Learned

Family and Friends,

Elder Ayala and Elder Remington
Today we had transfers. I said goodbye to Elder Dzul and said hello to my new companion Elder Ayala. I can't lie and say that I will miss Elder Dzul but I can honestly say that we have both grown, learned together, and improved together. Through my experiences with Elder Dzul I learned how to be relaxed yet focused, I learned how to be patient and positive, I learned how to be more calm when the investigators aren't progressing, I learned how to not try and force your companion to be obedient, I learned how to positively be an example and gently encourage/motivate/invite your companion to be obedient while still understanding that he has his agency (that works much better trust me always remember to be a light not a judge), I learned how to make some delicious burritos and other great Mexican food, and I learned many other valuable lessons from him. It doesn't matter who your companion is you can always learn something from them and find the good in them. Most of all he taught me how to have balance in how we react to things. Many times in the mission I'm like a roller coaster because when the investigators are progressing and things are going well I'm floating on cloud nine and super stoked about life but then if some investigators out of nowhere don't want us to visit them anymore, don't go to church, or suddenly say they won't get baptized then I get way sad and frustrated because I want to help them so bad and we've been working so hard but they have their agency and there's nothing I can do about it. Elder Dzul was a good example of just working hard with his head up and a smile one his face regardless of what happened. That's definitely something I'm trying to do as well and I'm grateful for all the great things I learned from Elder Dzul. I know that the Elder Remington who dropped him off at the bus terminal is a better man than the Elder Remington who picked him up at the terminal.

My new companion Elder Ayala is very happy and from what I can tell very humble and willing to work hard so we should get along GREAT :)

Be happy, be calm, and remember you can learn something from everyone you meet :)
Elder Remington