Monday, November 5, 2012

1 Crazy and 2 Cakes

Elder Remington's Zone

Family and Friends,

Last Thursday was definitely the most unique birthday I've ever had. I'll start with the weird and finish with the good. We had a great investigator named Ricardo who was going to church regularly, reading the Book of Mormon regularly, really progressing spiritually, and was going to be baptized this week. We were way excited for him and he was really making some great changes in his life and he was happy. Sadly, he suffers from a mental condition similar to schizophrenia but less severe (can't remember what the exact name is) in which if he takes his medicines he is completely normal and a great guy... but if he doesn't take his medicines he is susceptible to mental breakdowns where he starts having hallucinations and becomes extremely paranoid. On Thursday, November 1st (my birthday) he had a HUGE attack and his mom had to call us in the middle of a lesson asking for help because Ricardo's grandmother who lives with him was scared because he can get aggressive and was yelling at her.... we ran as fast as we could to his house to help. Normally, as Jake Remington, going to a house with a big crazy guy with aggressive tendencies would be scary to me. But honestly as Elder Remington I wasn't scared at all because I knew that the Lord would protect us :) one of the great blessings of being on the Lord's errand. Anyway long story short, we got there and calmed him down and stayed with him for about 3 hours until the police finally arrived to take him to the mental institution... it was a very sad situation. 

On the bright side we were able to help him and now that he's receiving treatment and taking his medication he has greatly improved :) When he gets out of treatment we will do everything we can to help him recognize the problem and always take his medicine. 

And the happy news is that we have a great ward here and I've really grown close to a lot of the members and made some great friends (it'll be hard leaving Albonor but I'm really enjoying it while I'm here) the SaldaƱa family always gives us lunch on Thursdays and then at the end of the meal they surprised me with a cake and they all sang to me :) The cake was delicious! Then the Medina family invited us over for dinner to make burritos (my companion is Mexican and knows how to cook great food!) and they surprised me with a cake too haha :) After singing to me they all started chanting that I had to take a bite first but I knew that my companion was going to shove my face in the cake so I pushed him away and then hurried and took a bite before he could touch me but out then out of no where grandma Medina comes from behind and she pushes my face in the cake! I couldn't believe that an old lady could do such a thing but it was pretty hilarious!! All and all it was a good birthday :) definitely one that I won't forget.

Love you all and hope you are all enjoying life and making everyday the best day of your life :) 
Elder Remington