Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm alive and well :)

I am not yet dead. There's just less hair on my head  
I am not yet dead. I'll soon have to go to bed haha

Hey today was a crazy day and with President's permission we had to travel to Guayaquil and back for some appointments and office things that you can only do there. Long story short I don't have time to write much today but just so you know I'm all good and super happy with Elder Galvan and the wonderful zone that we have here working hard :) we passed our goal by 5 this month and we're well set for next month woohoo! Also President said he already did the endorsement so you should be good to sign me up for classes.

Hahaha yes yes I already knew that Connor's mom was famous lol, for me the most impressive is that his dad was a mission president! But yeah, for many reasons they really are an incredible family and its a privilege to have Connor as a friend. Thanks for all the updates on the Utah trip :) You are wonderful. 

I sure love you all, and next week I'll have lots of cool pictures and stories to share! 

Your son,

Elder Remington

Elder Remington's Mother: For those of you who grew up in Utah, Jacoby's friend that he will be rooming with at BYU has a famous mom....at least she's known in Utah.  You may have watched her on channel 2 news as a KUTV anchor woman for 30 years.  Her name is Michelle King, and her son Connor is Jacoby's great friend.  Anyway I thought it was kind of cool to be talking on the phone with Michelle King as we set up housing for our sons to live together at BYU in the fall.