Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nothing Better than Being an Answer to Someone's Prayer

Family and Friends,

As the title says, being the answer to another person's prayer is a spectacular experience that we should all have more often and will have more often as we consecrate ourselves more on always doing good things (D&C 58:27) and are more in tuned to the Spirit. Trust me when I say that there truly are few things that give you more joy, happiness, sense of purpose, and a satisfaction from knowing that you're doing what God wants you to do. 

I can't go into details about all the experiences I've had in this week but several times there have been people that were really struggling with some serious problems and we're feeling really confused and down on themselves and through listening and following spiritual promptings I was able to help them. One day we were way busy in the office doing a bunch of reports for President and then out of the blue I felt the need to call a missionary and chat (not understanding fully why or what I was going to say) and then he said I need help, started to cry, and told me of a lot of trials he was having... I had the chance to listen to him, to comfort him, and be there for him. Another time I felt the subtle impression that with a certain companionship I needed to be the one to do a 12 weeks verification (something in the mission that we do every week where you evaluate the progress of a companionship in how they're teaching and working, its normally with the zone leaders but we can do it in special occasions) and in the verification for that companionship it turned out that they were really discouraged, frustrated, and unsure why they weren't having lots of baptisms when they had been working so hard. Once again I had the sweet experience of listening to them, showing that they were important and were doing a good job, and teach them specific principles from Preach My Gospel that really helped them. Their was a special moment when one of the missionaries with tears in their eyes looked directly at me and smiling with great relief said, ¨Thank you Elder for helping us.¨ The Holy Ghost filled the room and I felt grateful that I had been worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost and that when I felt that I had acted. 

I don't share this to boast but rather to share how great life is when we are in the service of God. I know this Church is true and that the Lord loves and looks out for every single one of His children. 

Be happy and serve others.


Elder Remington