Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Companion :) New Opportunities

It was a surprise to get this email today, since it's not Monday, nevertheless it's always great to hear from our missionary.  He doesn't say it in his letter, but it sounds like he is the A.P. now.  For those of you who don't know a lot about missionaries, A.P. means he is the Assistant to the President of the Mission.  So, he and his new companion, along with the Mission President, will be in charge of their whole mission.  He sounds excited about his new assignment.  Thanks for all your love and support to our missionaries! ~Elder Remington's Mother

Family and Friends,

Elder Remington and Elder Magill
My new companion is Elder Magill :) We've been good buds for a long time and we always talked about how sweet it would be to some day be companions... that day has come. For those of you who have been paying attention, you know what that means. He is truly a great friend and a wonderful example of Christlike love, obedience, happiness, diligence in the Lord´s work, and he has a positive attitude that's contagious. We're very similar in our way of doing things and we work really well together. I'm excited to learn a lot from him and work hard together. Most of all it is truly a privilege to be able to work so closely with President Amaya and get to know him super well. We've had some long car rides with him while going to visit some of the zones and the conversations are super intense :) I've always known that he was a very wise and inspired man of God but I never knew how much he really loves us all. Now that I get to work with him regularly and I see all that he does for us I have a much deeper appreciation for him and I'm grateful to the Lord for blessing us with such a wonderful mission president. He truly is inspired of God and I know that I have a ton to learn from him. I'm excited for the opportunity to learn and grow even more. 

One of my favorite things about my new assignment is that we have the chance to visit all the zones and work directly with the missionaries and help them out in their sectors working with them and teaching with them. Also when we travel with President Amaya we get to have little meetings with all of them and review their area book and daily planners to give some feedback and encouragement. Since the first review we did together, Elder Magill and I are always on the same page and really feed off each other in helping them improve and motivating them at the same time. It's amazing how the Spirit directs this work. On Monday our first day together I had an impression that we need to go visit zone Duran South and Elder Magill felt that we needed to go to Duran North. Before we had the chance to plan with President where we had thought of visiting he called us and said that he wanted us to join him to visit Duran North... and then the next day he said we should go to Duran South :) we were all on the same page. While we were we saw several situations of missionaries who really needed our help and we were able to make a difference. 

At BYU with over 30,000 students, Elder Magill and I just so happened to have two classes together and got to be great friends. With over 400 missions in the entire world that we could've been called to, we just so happened to be called to the exact same mission. Of all the dates that we could've been assigned to for entering the mtc, we just so happened to be assigned to enter the MTC on the exact same day. And in a mission with a little less than 200 missionaries, we just so happened to be called to be companions. I really doubt that all of that is coincidence and I'm quite sure that the Lord had His hand in it all and that he and I have a great work to do here in Ecuador Guayquil North Mission. He told me that while they were making transfers with President Amaya he had a neat experience. Right as President moved my name next to Elder Magill to be companions he felt a calm assurance and joy that it was the right thing. I too have felt confirmations of the Spirit that this is inspired of God and I'm not sure what the Lord has planned for us to accomplish but I'm excited to get to work and find out. 


Elder Remington