Monday, January 7, 2013

Fun Week

Family and Friends,

Here in Guayaquil everyone makes these big cardboard doll things called ¨monigotes¨ and then exactly at midnight they burn them or throw explosives at them with a million fireworks going off in the sky at the same time. Pretty awesome right!! Haha would've loved to see it all but as missionaries we were asleep in bed at that time but its okay cause obedience brings blessings and it was still cool because the day before we got to see a bunch of way legit monigotes and took some fun pictures. We had a unique way of getting lots of referrals that day. While we were taking pictures with the big monigotes of Iron Man and Captain America some girls there asked if they could take some pictures with us. Haha. We didn't want to be rude and say no but at the same time we can't touch their back in the picture or anything like that so it was a little awkward but to break the tension and have an excuse to not put my arm around I just did the muscle pose like Iron Man and everybody cracked up. Haha then we talked with them a bit about the church and they gave us their address and number to go teach them haha I somewhat doubt that they were really interested in the gospel but hey you never know at least its a start. As a tall white guy in Ecuador you stick out and funny stuff like that happens and often its pretty awkward. For example one time this old lady kept hitting on me and talking about how gorgeous my blue eyes were and I was trying to get the heck out of there but my companion kept teaching her and thought she was interested in the gospel because she asked us for a pamphlet. When my companion gave it to her she asked if we could write our names down so she'd remember us so then my companion started to write down our names but she stopped him and was like no no I want HIM to write his name for me. Crazy old ladies from Ecuador they can't get enough of the blue eyes but yeah at least my companions get a good laugh out of it. I've now learned how to discern between people that really are interested in learning about Jesus Christ and people that just want to talk with a white guy and see his blue eyes or try to speak English with him ¨Hey you my friend!¨ Good stuff.

Gangnam style missionaries

Elder Remington still loves to play "Risk"
Oh and I don't know how it is in the states but here in Ecuador everybody LOVES that Korean guy that sings the weird gabenwackenstein dooo doo doo dooo haha I don't know what the heck he's saying but the people here go crazy for that song and even as missionaries we here it all the time in the street and in the bus. Haha I don't get why its so popular but shoot it's nuts, here and our friends Allison and Amelia that recently were baptized had the little moñigote of him so we took a picture good times. Also for New Years day President Amaya knew that everyone would be either asleep or drunk so he said that we didn't have to go teach until 5:00 so we went and played Settlers of Catan and Risk with some good friends the Lopez family :) It was way fun and brought back memories of the old days. And Friday it absolutely POURED rain like cats and dogs. I have never seen rain fall so hard so we had to hurry and run to the apartment and then took a picture cause we were drenched but I don't think you can really tell oh well.

Elder Remington and his companion: both drenched.
Anyway, the work is going great :) I'm very happy with Elder Ayala and I'm enjoying the best two years of my life.

Love you all,
Elder Remington