Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Marvelous Work

Dearest family and friends,

Greetings from Ecuador! Another fantastic week here. We had a baptism for a very humble and hard working man named Jose Gorosabel. Also, two young girls named Joselyn and Nataly Borrero were baptized. Friends of Jose were there and the whole family and several friends of the Borrero family were there it was amazing! The ward mission leader is the uncle of Joselyn and Nataly and his daughter gave an amazing talk about how much the gospel has really changed and improved her life and her family. We have high hopes for the Borrero family that they will get baptized as well because they've already listened to several of the lessons and are very interested as well. I know that especially as they see the change in their daughters they will desire the same joy for themselvese personally through baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

I also sent a picture to show the various types of places we get to see out here in this mission. In this mission we get to go to places like that out in the middle of nowhere and we also get to teach people in the busy city as well. I love the contrast and the variety! I was going to send a picture of me in the city as well to demonstrate the stark contrast between the different places in our sector but its not safe to take pictures in the middle of the city because other people might want to kindly borrow the camera we use haha! 

This Wednesday was an amazing day for me that really taught me about the importance of always having a good attitude and having faith. We had to travel about an hour to get to the house of Johanna and Shandry, two investigators who are very interested and really want to be baptized, but first we need the permission of the dad. The dad works every single day from about 6:00 am to 9:00 pm needless to say he is very busy and we usually never see him because he's always gone while wer're there. We were hoping that somehow, someway he would be there when we arrived but when we got there... nope he wasn't home. At this point I was feeling really low because I was already feeling very sick that day and I felt we had just traveled for over an hour for nothing! But then as we began to teach a lesson, the dad showed up! We talked with him and told him that as servants of the Lord we had the responsiblity to disern who is ready for baptism and we testified that his children were ready and that baptism and the Holy Ghost would bring great blessings into their lives and it would bless every member of their family. He signed the form and we got the permission!!! Woohoo! I was so happy and I learned to never give up or lose hope. As long as we are doing our part the Lord will bless us. 

Love you all,
Elder Remington